Advantages of Plateless Hot Stamping Machine

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Jun 02,2022

The plateless hot stamping machine truly realizes hot stamping and printing: one-button operation, that is, printing and printing, hot stamping and silver stamping, ready to take, completely subverting the traditional hot stamping process that is bitter, dirty and tiring, and is a very innovative Technology.

The plateless hot stamping machine is a new type of thermal transfer hot stamping equipment. It does not need to make hot stamping plates. It adopts a new digital flat stamping equipment, which subverts the shortcomings of traditional plate making and hot stamping. Because the plate-making process is omitted, the plate-making time is saved; the cost of plate-making is saved.

This plate-free hot stamping machine is also a printing-type hot stamping equipment. It can be modified in time through computer software typesetting, and is suitable for personalized small-displacement digital printing. Post-processing, therefore, this digital plateless hot stamping machine has the characteristics of one-button operation, that is, printing and stamping, hot stamping and silver stamping, and instant pick-up.

The core of plateless hot stamping technology is the print head and hot stamping paper. The graphic after plateless hot stamping is actually the expression of countless hot stamping dots. The smaller the hot stamping dots, the smoother the edges of the graphic and text, and the finer the hot stamping image. This kind of plateless hot stamping equipment has a certain market, small size and convenient operation, and it is especially suitable for digital centers and fast printing shops.

Advantages of Plateless Hot Stamping Machine

1. There is no need to make a zinc plate for hot stamping and silver hot stamping, computer typesetting, instant typesetting, and instant printing.

2. Dedicated C4D, AI software control, eliminating the problem that complex patterns cannot be processed.

3. Value-for-money gold processing format, paper feeding width 330mm, actual printing 256mm, which can be printed on coil or A4.

4. Printing media include: coated paper, binding paper, self-adhesive, plastic, cloth, ribbon, paper, PVC card, leather, sticky notes, etc.。


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