Are Screen Printing Screens Reusable?

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Nov 22,2022

The screen is divided into manual version and automatic version. The automatic version can be reused, while the manual version cannot be reused. However, due to its unique production process and other factors affecting the life of the screen, we should carry out reasonable maintenance. A good screen plate can effectively prolong the life of printing. but, because of the different experience of operators, there are some precautions that cannot be ignored during the maintenance of the screen. When using the screen, we should pay attention to the following points:

1.we must pay attention to selecting the appropriate screen; Avoid using corrosive substances such as strong acid and alkali; Avoid direct sunlight; Avoid high humidity.

2.Try to choose a gas with good permeability and no smell. The volatilization of gas is harmless to human body.

3.Prevent direct sunlight and other conditions will affect the service life of the screen.

4.Avoid the occurrence of corrosive objects or other objects contacting the screen plate; Avoid excessive drying; Avoid using harmful substances such as solvents and oily solvents to damage the screen; So as to reduce the printing quality;

5.Avoid damage to the screen plate caused by too large or too small surface tension of the mesh; Even static electricity appears; This causes the release of ink on the surface of the screen to cause oxidation or drying of the screen!

The service life of the screen is generally 5-8 years; However, sometimes the screen will fall off and cannot be used, so it is particularly important to reasonably match and use it; Because the online version itself is an important accessory; Therefore, we should strengthen their protection Control the work responsibility and enthusiasm of screen production personnel; We must find and solve problems encountered during use; If problems are found, they should be repaired in time.

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