Features Of Digital Screen Printers

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Feb 06,2024

In the world of printing, traditional screen printing techniques have long been the standard for creating screen printing plates. We have developed a digital screen printer that eliminates the lengthy and cumbersome steps involved in traditional screen printing plate production, revolutionizing the way screen printing is conducted.

With the adoption of advanced digital technology, our digital screen printer enables one-click command screen printing production. The operation is incredibly simple and efficient, facilitating batch production for our customers while improving plate-making efficiency and reducing production costs. We offer two models, A3 and A4, giving customers the flexibility to choose the size that suits their needs.

The key features of our digital screen printer are as follows:

No lamination, no printing, no washing, and no chemicals required: Unlike traditional screen printing, our digital screen printer eliminates the need for various time-consuming and labor-intensive steps such as lamination, printing, washing, and the use of chemicals. This not only streamlines the production process but also contributes to a safer and more environmentally friendly printing method.

User-friendly operation: Similar to using a regular printer, our digital screen printer allows users to print designs with a simple click of a button. The operation is convenient, fast, and easy to learn, eliminating the need for specialized skills or extensive training. Moreover, the printer consumes less energy, contributing to energy conservation efforts.

Our digital screen printer fully satisfies the demands of personalized customization, sample printing, and large-scale production in the printing industry. It has transformed the traditional plate-making process into a streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective solution. With our digital screen printer, businesses can unlock new possibilities in screen printing, unleashing their creativity and meeting the ever-growing demand for unique and customized.

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