How Do You Make Hanging Tags For Clothes?

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May 25,2023

When we buy clothes, we will see that there will be a tag on the clothes, such as a tag for clothing certification, clothing material, and a tag for washing precautions. Some basic information of the clothes is written on the hang tag. Through the clothes hang tag, we can quickly classify the size, color, women and men of the clothes. So how do you make hanging tags for clothes? What is the easiest way to tag clothes?

How Do You Make Hanging Tags For Clothes?

First, you need to enter the graphics and texts to be printed on the computer

Secondly, just wait for the tag to be printed with one key command.

The hang tag label printer is very convenient to operate, not only small in size but also able to print hang tags of various shapes. For the garment industry, a tag printer with simple operation and fast printing is needed. It can not only print washing labels and fabrics, but also PET, coated paper, thermal paper self-adhesive labels and synthetic materials such as polyester and PVC. Labels printed with carbon ribbons have the characteristics of waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance and so on. The printing speed is fast and the printing effect is good.

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