How Do You Screen Print At Home

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Nov 18,2022

Although the effect of screen printing has been widely used, it is still very simple to operate screen printing at home. Firstly, you need to buy an industrial device, such as a laptop or a small printer. Secondly, you need a digital camera or handset that can display images. Finally, you need a special tool to paste your photos. As follows, we will introduce several home screen printing methods in detail.

1.Prepare screen printing equipment

First, you need to purchase a specially processed digital camera or handset to make professional equipment for printing. Because the camera needs special treatment before use, it cannot be used to make complex graphics like other industrial equipment. The camera should be able to provide clear images as far as possible instead of blurring or deformation. You also need a digital camera that can display images; This is also a professional device that you may need to purchase to convert photos into printed images – because digital cameras mainly use RGB color filters, and can change colors as needed to achieve the desired effect. In addition, you need to set the camera to the appropriate speed for use. For most people, digital cameras usually have the characteristics of fast shooting speed and high definition… This means that you can take many images.

  2. Using a Digital Camera

To do screen printing at home, you must have a digital camera that can display images. When you buy a digital camera, you need to buy a small printer, a camera that can display images, and a manual control device. If it is a small printer, you do not need to buy printer accessories, because it is difficult to adjust them to the appropriate speed. In addition, these equipment should be put in a special box, which should contain special cardboard or plastic film and other items or tools. After purchase, these devices need to be stored before they can be taken out for use. If you need to store the equipment or have not purchased such equipment for the time being, you can store the equipment in a place with dust prevention measures and no noise.

or, you can use the next generation screen maker, digital screen maker, if you have this, you will no need the digital camera, it can directly print your artworks from computer to screen

3.Screen printing with professional tools

When shooting and pasting products with a camera or handset, you need professional glue or photo stickers. Some glues or photo stickers need glue or film, while others do not, while screen printing is a special printing effect. Any glue or photo sticker you want to use must be used correctly to make it work. The glue or photo sticker you use at home is usually glue or paper, so you must prepare these tools before you operate correctly.

4.Paste Product

Set your camera or digital camera to the maximum aperture, and then use your handheld computer or digital camera to paste photos or products on it. You can also use a simple brush, but make sure that the brush is dedicated to pasting the product you are going to print rather than the digital camera film you are using. Sticking adhesive is very important, which is often ignored because the adhesive time is not fixed. Using a brush to stick the printed product to the aperture you set can help you complete the pasting process faster; However, the product must be carefully selected when pasting the product. Sometimes you can use high viscosity but not friction resistant eraser adhesive to paste the product. If you use more or choose other methods to paste the product, you can first wash the product with water, and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the glue left on the surface of the product.

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