How Screen Printing Screens Are Made

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Nov 30,2022

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What is silk screen?

Silk screen printing is to stretch polyester screen cloth or metal screen on the screen frame, and make the screen plate by photochemical plate making with precoated photosensitive adhesive. Modern screen printing technology is to use photosensitive materials to make screen printing plates by means of photographic plate making (making the screen holes in the graphic part of the screen plate as through holes, but not the screen holes in the graphic part blocked). During printing, the printing ink is leaked to the substrate through the mesh of the graphic part through the squeegee extrusion, forming a silk screen pattern similar to the drawing.

Steps of screen printing

1. The photosensitive adhesive and photosensitizer are mixed together in the proportion of 12:1 during plate making. Then mix gradually to fully dissolve the two materials together. In particular, these operations should be performed in a dark room. After adjustment, it should be kept for half an hour before use.

2.Use the sizing machine to scrape it upwards until it reaches the upper edge of the mesh. Make it evenly glue on the front and back of the mesh. Dry at low temperature.

3 .Then apply the light induction emulsion on both sides of the mesh frame in the same way for several times, and then use the oven to dry.

4.After the screen plate is dried, it is necessary to start printing. In order to prevent light induction, the red bulb can be selected as the indoor light source for the lighting effect. Paste the film on the reverse side of the screen according to the specified requirements, and place it on the printer for exposure. The exposure time depends on the power of the machine’s light source.

5.For the photo induced printing screen plate, clean it with tap water or lightly wipe it with sponge. The flushing pressure should be moderate, not too strong, and the mesh should not be broken. Special attention shall be paid to the printing process. The screen plate shall be carefully and evenly printed until the pattern is clear.

6.After the screen printing screen water breaks through the flower pattern, use an air gun to blow the water up, down, left and right. Then dry the screen.

7.These are the simple steps of making the screen plate. The quality is not only related to the materials, but also to the personal operation technology.


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