How To Choose And Use The Squeegee Ink Scraper In Silk Screen Printing

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Dec 08,2022

What is squeegee ink scraper?

Squeegee ink scraper is a kind of basic tool, which are usually made of PU materials, It depends on the materials of object,the required precision and the methods of printing.

The degree hardness : 55,60,65,70,75,80,85,90.

The shapes of squeegee ink scraper: flat,sharp and inclined surface.

How to choose the suitable hardness?

45-60: for uneven surface

65-80: for general surface

75-95: for fine printing

How to choose the shapes of squeegee ink scraper?

Flat surface:regular type, anti-high pressure

Sharp surface: for uneven surface

Inclined surface: for regular surface and uneven surface.

What are the scopes of squeegee ink scraper?

Poly-chrome printing

PCB printing

Uneven surface printing

Textile printing

  Manual and Automatic printing

  How to wash the squeegee ink scraper?

  Washed by weak solvent.

  How to store the squeegee in scraper?

  Keep away from the sunlight.

  Store in the place of 15C-25C

  Keep away from dust

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