How to Control The Cost of Screen Printing

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Nov 03,2022

As we know, the cost of silk screen printing consists of labor cost, consumable material cost ,screen making cost and energy consumption cost. In order to reduce the cost of silk creen printing, we can improve from the following aspects:

screen printing case

1.Increase the efficiency of printing.

When the efficiency of printing is improved, the cost will be cut down, A lot of printing shops try to reduce the downtime so that they can decrease the cost.

2.Complete all printing tasks in one place.

It can reduce the transportation turnover time and cost. As a result, the overheads will be cut down as well.

3.Control the cost of printing plate

The cost of printing plate accounts for a large part in screen printing. If the order quantity is small, the resin plate will be better. If the order quantity is large, the steel template is better. In addition, the quality of printing plate is also very important. If the quality of printing plate is too poor, it will not only increase the cost, but also affect the delivery date.

4.Reduce the cost of consumable materials.

It is critical to control the cost of consumable materials. On one hand, the defect rate should be minimized. On the other hand, the control of cost of purchasing paper and ink is also important.

5. Decrease the energy consumption

The cost of electricity is a big part of all printing cost. It is import to save the energy.

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