How To Do Manual Silk Screen Printing

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Dec 05,2022

As we know, the silk screen printing can be done by hand or machine, Usually, Manual printing is easy, and it doesn’t need more equipment, but it can bring good effects, Manual printing has the advantages of low investment, high flexibility and profits.

Now let us see how to do manual screen printing.


1.Self-made exposure unit

You need a few UV lamps and rectifiers, a wood frame, put a piece of glass on it, and connect the lamps.

2.Manual screen printing table

You can prepare a few screen printing butterfly clip, or a manual screen printing table

Manual screen printing steps and processes

  1.Making the screen

  2.Mixing ink

  3.Fix the screen by butterfly clip or screen printing table and Position.

  4.Smear the ink evenly on the screen

  5.Complete the printing, washing the screen.

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