The Difference Between Silk Screen Printing And Foil Stamping

Release time:

Dec 07,2022

Silk screen printing refers to porous printing, the artworks are printed on special mesh, the ink can pass into the pattern area, while the other area are blocked, finally, the artworks are printed on the object(paper, ceramic etc.).

Foil stamping, also called Anodized aluminum hot stamping, the pattern on the mould are stamped with foil by heat and press, instead of ink.

The difference:

1.Processing method:Silk screen printing needs ink, Foil stamping doesn’t need ink,instead.

2.Equipment required: Foil stamping needs stamping machine, foil and pattern mould. Silk screen pinting needs screen plate, ink, mesh, frame, film,screen printing machine.

3. Application: Foil stamping is used for Books printing, commercials, daily-consumption items etc… while silk screen printing is used for electronics, decorations,ceramics, gifts, stationaries, handbags, advertisements, glass and metals, etc…

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