What Are The Different Types Of Tags Used In Clothes?

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Apr 17,2023

Usually in our life, we see that many clothes bought in shopping malls or online will have tags. What do the tags on these clothes mean? What are the different types of tags used in clothes? This article will give you a detailed introduction.

What Are The Different Types Of Tags Used In Clothes?

The types of clothing tags in clothing are mainly divided into the following types:

Brand tag: It is mainly used to represent the company’s brand name or brand logo. It is easier to be recognized by customers, unique and special.

Size tag: Mark the size of the clothes, which can clearly select the size for different customers. For example S for small, M for medium and L for large garments.

Care tag: It is convenient for customers to maintain and wash clothes after purchase.

Country of origin tag: You can know the country of manufacture of the clothes.

Content tag: It is usually used to describe the material content of clothes, such as fiber content, down content, etc.

Manufacturer’s tag: This tag contains the manufacturer’s code provided by the buyer.

Batch number tag: It is used to know the batch of clothes produced, and it is convenient to check the problems in the production process.

Special tag: 100% cotton, organic cotton are such special

How Do I Make My Own Clothing Tags?

Although there are many types of clothing tags mentioned above, do you know how the tagls on clothes are printed? In fact, the tags on clothes can be printed by themselves, and the common ones are handmade and machine printed.

Handmade: Handmade clothing tags are not clear, and the waterproof and moisture-proof performance is not good and the efficiency is relatively low. It is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Machine printing: It is very convenient to operate, you only need to have a clothes tag printer. Usually, this machine can print clothes tags of different shapes, and it can also print washing tags, and the printing effect is very good. In addition, a variety of tags can be printed, which is more attractive to customers than manual tags.

If you want to know more details about the clothing tags printer, you can leave us a message, we will help you make better clothes tags.

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