What Is A Thermal Printer Used For? What Are The Benefits?

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May 18,2023

What is a thermal printer used for? this kiosk thermal printer use the print head to heat and contact thermal paper, thus producing corresponding graphics and text. It is often used for boarding pass printing, hospital ultrasound report printing, inspection report printing, prescription printing, logistics freight bill printing, social security service certificate, bank flow list printing, and other A4 printing.

What Is A Thermal Printer Used For? What Is Thermal Vs Regular Printer?

Thermal printers print higher quality, with a glossy, protective finish and better color saturation. Since thermal printers have fewer moving parts, they are durable. The thermal printing speed is fast, the noise is low, the printing is clear, and the use is convenient. The cost of the thermal machine is low, and the consumables are also low. However, the printing effect of ordinary printers is not very good, and the storage time is relatively short.

What Are The Benefits Of A Thermal Printer?

Text and images printed by thermal printers are clear and smooth, with durability and longer storage. The surface of the thermal paper is coated, so that the possibility of thermal paper shredding is very low, which not only saves time and cost, but also protects the print head and prolongs the service life of the printer. Thermal printing can effectively improve printing efficiency, and secondly, the compact body design makes the space utilization of terminal products more convenient.

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