Traditional Printing Vs Digital Printing

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Nov 16,2021

The digital printing machine breaks through the bottleneck of digital printing technology, and realizes a true one-page printing, no need for plate making, and full-color image completion at one time. The extremely low printing cost and high-quality printing effect are more economical and convenient than the traditional printing system. The minimal system investment, digital operation mode and limited space occupation make the system have greater market prospects.

Digital printing is the best supplement to traditional printing and a replacement product of traditional printing machines. According to different uses, digital printing machines are divided into industrial digital printing machines and office digital printing machines.

Digital printing is currently the most widely used printing method among all printing methods. In the printing production process, digital printing is directly realized without plate making, and it affects all aspects of the printing industry, such as artwork printing, packaging, and various barcode labels. Printing, textile printing, books, advertising printing industry, etc.

Since digital printing does not require the complicated process of traditional offset printing, it only needs to be designed by variable digital printing software and sent to the printing equipment to print the finished product (including but not limited to barcodes, QR codes, text, pictures, various graphics, etc.), Therefore, it is the preferred printing method for urgent printing, variable printing and on-demand printing.

At present, digital printing, as an emerging technology, has become an important driving force for the development of the printing industry. In addition to factors such as environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, digital printing is gradually recognized and welcomed by the majority of users because it can provide small batches of personalized printing and better meet the customized needs of advertisers.

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