What Are Needed For Screen Printing?

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Oct 27,2022

Photosensitive materails: Full automatic screen printing machine needs to use photosensitive material, photosensitive film and photosensitive adhesive. The photosensitive material is mainly composed of film forming agent, photosensitive agent and auxiliary agent. The adhesive is used to firmly bond the screen and the screen frame together. The adhesive tape is used to connect the screen coated with adhesive more firmly with the screen frame, and cover the non graphic part of the screen to prevent ink leakage.

Screen printing equipment belongs to the more representative printing equipment in the hole plate printing machine. Its printing plate is a crisscross silk screen woven from silk and other materials with distinct longitude and latitude. It has produced many kinds of screen printing equipment, such as plane, curved surface, forming, printing and dyeing, printing circuit, and new rotary. Among them, the speed and productivity of the new rotary screen printing equipment are relatively high. Its feature is that the screen is installed on the cylinder, and the ink is poured in the cylinder. When the machine is working, the roller rotates, and the rubber ink scraper quickly prints the pattern on the printed matter.

Screen mesh: In addition to silk, nylon wire, copper wire, steel wire or stainless steel wire can also be used to make the screen. The principle of hole printing applied to screen printing equipment originated from ancient template printing. There are many forms of hole printing, such as transcript, stencil, and screen printing.

Screen printing was initially manual, with only one plate frame, one screen plate and one template. It was not until the 1950s that screen printing was mechanized and automated. The roller screen printing equipment has a large amount of ink when printing. It is suitable for printing printed materials with thick ink layer. It can be printed on various papers, glass, wood, metal, ceramics, plastics or cloth. It can use a variety of inks, including conductive metallic inks.

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