What Is Digital Hot Foil Stamping Machine

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Dec 13,2022

Hot foil printing, or hot foil stamping is a kind of common way of printing, The anodized aluminum foil is stamped on paper, leather,textile or other materials by heat press.

Traditionally, The patten should be designed, then egraved the patten on a plate. When the plate is ready, the foil and the materials are put properly on heat press machine, then press tightly the plate on the materials, the foil with color is stamped on materials.

As we see, the traditional way needs to make plate firstly, it would take more time. Now the next digital hot foil stamping printer are released. It helps us make hot foil stamping easier and faster. with this machine, we can get rid of making the plate. when the arkwork is ready on computer, the only thing we need to do is to click “print”, the foil will be stamped directly on the materials. It makes foil stamping instantly.

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