What Is Screen Making

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Oct 25,2022

What is screen making? screen making is the first step of screen printing, below are 7 steps to make a screen

1. Select network. According to the basic properties of the product, select the appropriate mesh surface and mesh frame, use degreaser in all directions, and then clean with clean water.

2. Prepare glue. Before using the photosensitive glue for screen printing, the photosensitive glue should be prepared first, which takes about two or three hours. If it is needed, the glue should be prepared one day in advance to ensure normal use.

3. Glue. Glue coating is a critical step, which directly affects the quality of screen plate. The thickness of coating should keep the same, so that the printed pattern would be three-dimensional effect.

4. Dry. After coating, the screen plate should be allowed to stand for a few minutes, and then placed in an oven at a certain temperature until the surface coating is dry.

5. Exposure. On the protruding side of the screen printing surface, gently stick the film negative, and then expose it through the vacuum exposure machine.

6. Develop. Developing is a process of making images appear in the silk screen industry. Take the screen printing plate out of the exposure machine, gently uncover the negative, and wet both sides of the screen with cold water. After standing for 15 minutes, use a high-pressure water gun to spray clean the screen printing plate and dry it quickly, so that the screen printing plate will have an image.

7. Organize. The finishing work generally refers to some follow-up finishing work of screen printing, such as cleaning the workbench, cleaning screen printing tools, checking the screen frame and glue, and placing various tools by category.

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