How Do I Make My Own Screen For Screen Printing?

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Mar 27,2023

How do you make your own screens for screen printing?The traditional screen printing requires a series of processes, the general process includes: screen printing file output→film film production→stencil production→color printing→ink curing, etc. But what I will introduce to you today is a new method of making screen plates, which is simpler, time-saving and labor-saving than traditional methods.

Make Your Own Screen Print

This screen printing platemaking machine mainly has the following advantages.

First: no film and print. This greatly saves the time and process of screen printing.

Second: No need to rinse, just wait and see. The computer inputs the required materials and prints them directly on the screen plate.

Third: Multiple choices: You can choose the number of meshes according to the clarity.

Fourth: Simple operation, low-cost operation, and rapid production of screen plates.

How Do I Make My Own Screen For Screen Printing?

Choose the screen plate above, and you can make your own screen plate for printing. The screen plate making machine I introduced can help you achieve rapid plate making. No matter what industry you are in, as long as you need screen printing, we can help you.

We often see that the printing of clothes, dust-free cloths, cups, prints, logos, helmets, glass, etc. is inseparable from screen printing. If you want to get this time-saving and labor-saving screen printing plate, please contact us. Compared with traditional screen printing, we have more advantages and competitiveness.

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