What Is The Process Of Screen Printing Plate?

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Mar 30,2023

When it comes to the silk screen printing industry, we all know that it is inseparable from the screen plate, so What is the process of screen printing plate? This article will introduce and compare the difference between the traditional screen printing plate-making process and the digital screen printing plate-making process.

What Is The Process Of Screen Printing Plate?

The process of traditional screen printing plate making

The traditional screen printing platemaking machine has many processes, takes a long time, and relatively consumes a large cost.Its main process includes: stretching screen → sizing → drying → printing → developing → drying → flat glass → cutting → edging → cleaning and drying → printing.

Digital screen printing plate making process

The digital screen printing plate making process is simple, only need to input the required graphics and texts on the computer, and the screen printing plate making machine can directly print the plate. It’s as easy and fast as the one in the video below.This process saves the film, exposure, washing and other processes. The cost in the production process is greatly saved.

What Is The Price Of Screen Maker Machine?

After reading the above description, do you understand What is the process of screen printing plate? If you want to buy a digital screen printing plate setter, you may be more interested in its price. Usually, the price of a digital screen printing platesetter is between US$5,000 and US$10,000.

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