How to choose the mesh size

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Jan 06,2023

Screen making is the key step to silk screen printing. The basic preparation for the screen making is to choose the proper mesh. The proper mesh relates to whether the quality of screen is good and how the printing efficiency is.

How to choose the mesh size

Before choosing the mesh size, the following three factors should be taken into consideration.

1.The ink

Usually, Water-based ink is suitable for the thicker mesh, 125-180 mesh/inch

Solvent-based ink is used for 196-420 mesh/inch

UV ink is applicable to the higher mesh, 355-457 mesh/inch

2.The substrate

The substrate with rough surface should adopt the thicker mesh, Because it needs enough ink to come into higher coverage ratio.

The substrate with smooth surface should use the higher mesh, because it needs less ink.

3.The quality of mesh

Avoid poor quality mesh, such as imbalanced weaving, uneven thickness.

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