What Affects The Effect Of Hot Foil Stamping?

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Jan 10,2023

Hot foil stamping mahcine is a kind of printing machine, when we are using that, we should take the aspects into consideration, otherwise, we can not take the advantage of the machine.

The three factors: temperature, press and speed, are the key to hot foil stamping.


Firstly, we should control the suitable temperature, if it is higher, it will burn the substrates. If it is lower, the effect of the hot foil stamping is unacceptable.


Secondly, The press is also important to the hot foil stamping. If the press is not enough, the patterns can not be stamped on the subtrate.


Finally,the speed should be taken into consideration. If it is too fast, the patterns will not be clear. If it is too slow, the patterns will not standard.

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