How To Reduce The Cost Of Silk Screen Printing

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Nov 02,2022

  Screen printing is mainly used for printing books, commodity packaging and other materials, screen printing needs to work under high temperature, as a result, it is expensive and not suitable for all occasions. In addition, we can also use ordinary screen printing to replace some printed materials. Screen printing can be divided into ordinary and special types. diferent material, different methods make price different.

  1. General screen printing

  Although we adopt the ordinary printing process which does not need ink, the quality of the prints is very good. Therefore, it is the most extensive one of all printing methods. It is suitable for all kinds of packaging. However, it requires heating and cooling. Therefore, the price of this printing process has risen to a certain extent.Special screen printing

  2.Special screen printing

  Special screen printing generally means matte. In special printing, matt is the main methods, because matt is easy to be dissolved at high temperatures; but it cannot be dissolved at normal atmospheric temperature. It is generally suitable for printing with high process requirements. It can be applied for special paper, acrylic, glass fiber paper, paper, etc. These are the common types and uses of screen printingSpecial screen printing generally means matt.

  3.Special materials for screen printing

  It refers to the use of special silk screen materials in the process of silk screen printing. It can be resin, organic fiber, polymer material, etc. Usually, the ink made of resin is a transparent and tasteless pigment. This kind of ink has unique properties. For example, the ionic state in the ink can be changed to make the ink have unique properties, so that the printing effect can be improved.

  4. Screen printing equipment.

  Plate solarization set Screen maker Stencil Stretching machine screening efficiency

  In Short, the price of screen printing depends on what you need and what kind of material and methods you choose.

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