Print Head Moves Automatically Book Hard Cover Hot Foil Printer

The hard cover hot foil printer offers an innovative approach to book decoration, providing a seamless integration of technology and artistry. This state-of-the-art machine is designed specifically to enhance the appearance of hardcover books with the elegance of hot stamping. Unlike traditional methods that require cumbersome plate-making, this digital hot stamping machine operates with automated printhead movement, allowing for direct digital hot foil printing. It simplifies the process, significantly reducing the time spent on layout preparation and enabling users to achieve high-quality results quickly and efficiently.
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AMD3025 Digital Foil Printers

Bookcovers, Leather, Paper, Invitation Cards, Wedding Cards, Film, Labels, PVC, Sticker, Cerfificates, Bags, Tickets, etc.
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Amydor AMD3025 Digital Flatbed Foil Printer Flat Bed Printing Machine

Application: This flat bed printer is suitable for graphic hardcover, personalized greeting cards, business cards, gift box signs, notebooks, leather, etc.
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Merry Christmas Greeting Cards Hot Foil Stamping Machine AMD3025

Applications: Christmas cards, Christmas blessing cards,holiday cards,Christmas envelopes,paper cards,greeting cards, etc.
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Acrylic Material Hot Flat Bed Foil Printer

Applications: cards, acrylic, books, invitations, stickers, book covers, notebooks, logos, PVC, labels, clothing tags, etc.
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Graphic Industry Notebook Cover Digital Hot Foil Printer

Applications: printing companies, notebook manufacturers, stationery stores, certificates, books, advertising industry, graphic industry, covers, book cases, cards, etc.
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