AMD8025 Digital Foil Printers

Bookcovers, Leather, Paper, Invitation Cards, Wedding Cards, Film, Labels, PVC, Sticker, Certificates, Bags, Tickets, etc.
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Desk Calendar Gold Foil Printer Wall Calendar Hot Stamping Machine Amydor 8025

The desk calendar hot stamping machine boasts a user-friendly operation, catering to various materials and custom processing points with its adjustable bronzing speed.
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Mobile Phone Case Hot Stamping Machine AMD8025

This phone case hot stamping machine meets personalized customization and is suitable for paper, invitations, certificates, books, PU leather, desk calendars, PVC, etc.
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Personalized Customization Digital Certificate Cover Hot Foil Printer Amydor 8025

Application: This certificate cover hot foil printer is suitable for hot stamping covers, notebook covers, book hardcovers, graphic hardcovers, personalized greeting cards, etc.
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Digital Magazines Books Hot Foil Printer AMD8025

Applications: notebooks, covers, wedding cards, journals, books, calendars, leather, paper bags, etc.
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