How Do You Make A Screen Printing Screen

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Nov 17,2022

Screen printing is used to print books, films, photos or other forms of media in various ways. You can use different types of inks, resins or any type of printing screen materials to make satisfactory printing screen. One of the most important things you need to do is to use these methods to make suitable screen printing plates. Read this article in detail on how to make a printing screen and how to display it on any print you can find.


1.Select Ink

According to the ink you need, if you want to print books, you should choose the ink with special effects. If you want to print beautiful and complex books, you can use multi-color ink. what kinds of ink depends on your purpose, different inks have different performance and uses.

2. Select Material

It may take some time to make a prepress screen with different materials. When choosing materials, you need to consider what you want to print, such as color and size. Different materials can achieve different effects. Some materials may take several hours to get the ideal effect, while others take longer, but most printing screen materials can get the ideal effect. If you want to make a brightly colored prepress screen, you need some weather resistance and heat resistance to make it heat resistant enough, and to withstand a certain impact, then you should use water-based resin to make it more durable. If you want to print the image or text of the pre press screen on the paper for printing, you need to use acrylic resin, water-based resin or ordinary resin to achieve the best effect. These are the most common materials.

3.Use resin

For resins, you can use many different materials to print the colors you need. The most common resins are acrylic (wood grain), plastic (resin) or paint (acrylic paint). Do not use solid or liquid resins, as they usually dissolve in water. You can use any kind of resin to print: black (or any ink that you need and is often identified as black), white (or any ink that you need to have color), blue (or any color that you need to have bright color instead of dark color), brown (or any other color that you need to have bright color that is not light resistant), Black (or any color you need to be bright, which is not easy to find) and brown or yellow (or any color you need to be bright, which is easy to find). You can mix them with any resin you just bought or used.

4.Making film

If you want to make high-quality film, or want to color it, you can make it in two ways. Choose a technology similar to printing, or use film to make your photos. If you don’t have film production equipment, you can use PS technology (you can import the photos from the film to the computer or camera) to process the photos.

Alternatively, You can choose Digital screen maker to replace the 4 steps above

Now The next generation screen maker has been released, It is an innovative screen maker, the digital screen maker can directly print your design from computer to screen, no need film, drying, exposure, resin, it can save your time, labor, and cost. Now there are two leading brands in the world, Goccopro and Amydor.

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