What Materials Do You Need For Screen Printing

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Nov 15,2022

  Screen printing is to arrange various colored screens according to certain rules, and transfer printing on the screen through ink. After printing on the screen continuously, the ink layer can be completely transferred to the object in a short time; It can also be quickly transferred to other surfaces in a short time. At present, there are two kinds of commonly used printing materials: ordinary edition and special edition. In traditional printing, ink is also needed to adjust the printing strength.

  1、 Copper mesh

  Copper mesh is a kind of metal material, with concave convex texture on its surface and good plasticity. The surface roughness of copper mesh is 20~50 μ m. It is uniformly distributed; With good water absorption and self-adhesive, it can be printed with ordinary water. The copper screen has a bright surface, which can be used as printing materials or directly.

  2、 Screen printing machine

  Screen printing is a kind of printing technology that can print on paper, glass, plastic, paper, leather and other substrates of different sizes and qualities. This printing process has been developed for a long time in the field of traditional printing. In production, we mainly use more than 100 kinds of printing materials in five categories, including four-color printing plate, bronzing, die cutting and typesetting. Prepress preparation includes: plate making, printing ink, binding, and finally transfer and drying. In the process of printing, hot melting, hot coating and other processes can be adopted as required, but they will vary according to different needs. Generally, monochrome or two-color printing is adopted. In addition, gravure printing, lithography and other different forms can be adopted. In principle, there are mainly three types: first, the ink is directly transferred to the ink through the equipment and printing system; second, the printing layer is formed by directly printing the screen to the surface; The third is the joint between the ink plate and the anilox plate.

  3、 Ink

  When used in printing, the ink is evenly applied to the surface of the printed object. Due to the large mesh, small pressure can be generated, and the ink cannot be fully transferred to the printing surface. Therefore, the ink should be heavier than the ordinary ink, and the surface should be smooth, showing changes in depth on the screen, and the print should have a clear and bright feeling. It can be printed on the anilox paper with dry or semi dry ink. In order to make the ink transfer on the paper fast, print firmly, ink color is uniform and stable, and the surface does not leave prints, ink viscosity is very important. The ink suitable for printing various materials and colors shall be selected. Only in this way can we obtain higher quality and post press resistance to India.

  4、 Screen printing equipment and offset printing machine

  At present, the types and structures of various screen printing machines are different. In use, the requirements for appearance quality are also different, so for screen printing quality and efficiency, different types of equipment will have certain differences in their performance and service life. Therefore, the printing materials with higher requirements on printing equipment and ink performance are also increased accordingly. In addition, special screen printing and vacuum printing are also used. At present, offset printing machine or vacuum printing equipment is commonly used but not mature.

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