What Is The Next Generation Screen Maker?

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Nov 05,2022

As we know, the screen making is a critical step in silk screen printing. All the time we have get used to take the conventional method to make screen for screen printing. At the present time, the next generation screen maker-digital screen maker is coming.

digital screen maker

The digital screen maker is totally different the conventional screen making, it can directly take your artwork from computer to screen.

How to use digital screen maker?

4 steps to bring your design to life

Step 1:Prepare your design on computer by software like Photoshop,Coreldraw,Adobe illustrator,etc.

Step 2:Install mesh to screen frame

Step 3:Start printing

Step 4:Complete your screen

What are the features and advantages of digital screen maker?

1.Fast, simple and convenient operation.

2.No professional plate making skills needed.

3.Eliminating the exposure and drying, etc. steps.

4.Suitable for customized printing and test production.

5.No waste water, no use of solvents, energy saving and environmental protection.

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